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BGU-led Consortium Awarded Prestigious Energy Grant

May 4, 2021

Tags: Homeland & Cyber Security, Press Releases

Winning consortium to receive up to $6 Million under the U.S.-Israel Energy Center Competitive Funding Opportunity managed by the BIRD Foundation.

Dr. Ruth’s New BGU Scholarship and Honorary Degree

May 4, 2021

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events

Mid-Atlantic Co-Chairs Sam & Connie Katz celebrated A4BGU's new name as BGU awarded Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer an honorary doctorate, her first from an Israeli university.

BGU Develops Molecular Tweezers to Battle Bacteria

May 4, 2021

Tags: Medical Research, Research News

Researchers from Ben-Gurion University have developed "molecular tweezers" to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria; notably, the tweezers could harm bacteria without causing them to gain resistance.

BGU Finds Vaccinated Moms Protect Babies By Nursing

April 29, 2021

Tags: Medical Research

BGU-led research shows that babies of newly-vaccinated nursing moms receive antibody-packed milk for at least six weeks.

Dr. Ruth Given Honorary Doctorate by BGU

April 29, 2021

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events

BGU awarded Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer, famed sex researcher and therapist, with an honorary doctorate; her first from an Israeli university.

BGU-led Consortium Awarded Large Cyber Security Grant

April 28, 2021

Tags: Alternative Energy, Homeland & Cyber Security

U.S.-Israel Energy Center awarded $6m in funding to this international consortium to ensure the cyber security of the energy infrastructure.

Americans for Ben-Gurion University Rebrand Sparks a Movement

April 26, 2021

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events

With its new name and movement, Americans for Ben-Gurion University is geared to more concretely connect the organization with people and action.

Announcing the Dawn of a New Movement

April 26, 2021

Tags: Press Releases

At its core, the nonpartisan movement aims to strengthen ties between the American Diaspora and Israel. Americans for Ben-Gurion University opens its arms to those who believe the world is simply better off with Israel in it.

BGU and Israel’s National Cyber Infrastructure

April 24, 2021

Tags: Homeland & Cyber Security

BGU joins a consortium with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to lead Israel’s National Cyber Infrastructure Center for Intelligent Traffic & Transportation Services.

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