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Reopening Florida Schools Increased COVID-19 Infections

January 15, 2021

Tags: Medical Research, Press Releases

BGU researcher found that infections had risen by 30% among students between the ages of 14 and 17.

Israel Excels at COVID-19 Mass Inoculation (Video)

January 4, 2021

Tags: Medical Research

From inside a makeshift vaccination center in Tel Aviv, CNN interviews BGU's Prof. Nadav Davidovitch, public health expert and government advisor, about Israel's progress in vaccinating its citizens against COVID-19.

BGU Rector: The Road Less Traveled

January 3, 2021

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events, Social Sciences & Humanities

Prof. Chaim Hames, who grew up in London and thought he'd become a rabbi, is the academic head of BGU. He looks back on how he got there and is proud of the incredible growth BGU has spearheaded for the Negev and for Israel.

Face Masks Are Disrupting Facial Recognition

December 30, 2020

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

A new BGU study finds that our ability to identify faces we ought to know has been reduced by 15% due to face-blocking masks. Some people are also accidentally recognizing faces of unfamiliar people as people we know.

BGU Researchers Discover Plants Feed Off of Dust

December 29, 2020

Tags: Desert & Water Research, Social Sciences & Humanities

Scientists find some desert plants sprinkled with dust manage to absorb phosphorous on their leaves, growing stronger. The breakthrough could help farmers to reduce the use of environmentally damaging chemical fertilizer.

BGU-Sponsored Historic Photo Exhibition Opens in Dubai

December 24, 2020

Tags: Israel Studies, Culture & Jewish Thought, Social Sciences & Humanities

The unprecedented exhibition, sponsored by BGU's Azrieli Center for Israel Studies, reflects the rich Jewish heritage in 14 Arab countries, promoting dialogue on the history and culture of these Jewish communities.

Brain Science for Junior High School Students at BGU

December 24, 2020

Tags: Negev Development & Community Programs, Press Releases

The collaborative effort between BGU's Inter-Faculty School for Brain Sciences and BGU's Jusidman Science Center for Youth will encourage junior high school students to expand their knowledge of neuroscience.

BGU Prof. Offers Tips for Vaccine Compliance

December 21, 2020

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

Unlike the United States, Israel has no strong anti-vax movement, so the right campaign will go far in winning hearts and minds, says BGU's Prof. Golan Shahar, a psychologist and expert on vaccinations and the human psyche.

How a Memory Card Can Be Used to Steal Data

December 16, 2020

Tags: Homeland & Cyber Security, Uncategorized

BGU researcher Dr. Guri says he tested his AIR-FI technique with different air-gapped computer rigs where the Wi-Fi card was removed and was able to leak data at speeds of up to 100 b/s to devices up to several meters away.

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