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Times of Israel: A4BGU CEO Addresses the Negev’s Future

November 20, 2023

Tags: CEO Op-Eds

The Times of Israel — October 7, 2023, the Black Saturday of Simchat Torah, will forever be known for the
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A4BGU’s CEO Shares His Views on 21st-Century Zionism

May 31, 2023

Tags: CEO Op-Eds, Israel Studies, Culture & Jewish Thought

The Jerusalem Post — In the 21st century, as Israel turns 75, how can Zionism most strongly resonate with the
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Times of Israel: A4BGU CEO Pens Op-ed on Israel at 75

April 18, 2023

Tags: CEO Op-Eds, Israel Studies, Culture & Jewish Thought, Leadership, Awards & Events

A4BGU CEO Doug Seserman asks: How should we celebrate the modern state’s milestone 75th anniversary, especially in a time of historic controversy?

A4BGU CEO: Why Bring Ben-Gurion Day to the USA?

December 2, 2022

Tags: CEO Op-Eds, Israel Studies, Culture & Jewish Thought, Negev Development & Community Programs

The Times of Israel--Like most American Jews of my generation, I grew up with a special connection to Israel. For
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A4BGU CEO on Twenty-First Century Zionism

September 8, 2022

Tags: CEO Op-Eds, Leadership, Awards & Events

The Times of Israel —The days when people support Israel “just because” are mostly over. From disengaged Gen Z to
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A4BGU CEO Doug Seserman Pens Column on Climate-Saving Science

April 20, 2022

Tags: Alternative Energy, CEO Op-Eds, Leadership, Awards & Events, Natural Sciences

JMORE — Ben-Gurion University Leads the Way in Ensuring Israel’s Future, by Americans for Ben-Gurion University CEO Doug Seserman Not
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