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Jerusalem Post: Greenhouse Gases Released Due to Permafrost

July 26, 2022

Tags: Natural Sciences, Sustainability & Climate Change

BGU researchers go from the Negev desert to the lakes of Alaska and discover an increase in greenhouse gas which could worsen global warming.

Celebrating the Remarkable 2 Spotlights Climate Change

May 3, 2022

Tags: Alternative Energy, Desert & Water Research, Natural Sciences

Arizona Jewish Life — A new and alarming United Nations report declared that due to climate change, we are now “on
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A4BGU CEO Doug Seserman Pens Column on Climate-Saving Science

April 20, 2022

Tags: Alternative Energy, Leadership, Awards & Events, Natural Sciences

JMORE — Ben-Gurion University Leads the Way in Ensuring Israel’s Future, by Americans for Ben-Gurion University CEO Doug Seserman Not
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Variety Debuts “Who Are the Marcuses?” Trailer

April 13, 2022

Tags: Desert & Water Research, Israel Studies, Culture & Jewish Thought, Natural Sciences

Variety — Rubber Ring Films and Stone Canyon Entertainment have wrapped production on “Who Are the Marcuses?,” a feature documentary
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Forbes: How Some Species Can Go Extinct Twice

February 25, 2022

Tags: Natural Sciences, Research News

Forbes–An international team of scientists recently published a study, co-authored by ecologist Uri Roll, a senior lecturer at BGU, arguing
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Can Studying DNA Like Language Lead to New Breakthroughs?

January 25, 2022

Tags: Natural Sciences

The Jerusalem Post —  Dr. Barak Akabayov, a computational biochemist from BGU’s Department of Chemistry at the Faculty of Natural
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BGU Scientists Offer Climate Change Mitigation Strategy

November 1, 2021

Tags: Natural Sciences, Research News

The Jerusalem Post — As the climate crisis continues to threaten many services that plant communities provide to humans, including
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The Dead Sea is Shrinking: A BGU Professor Shares Some Insight

October 19, 2021

Tags: Natural Sciences

Israel21C — The Dead Sea has been shrinking at an alarming pace, losing more than a meter (some 40 inches)
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BGU Study Finds Corals Are Able to Fight Infection

August 23, 2021

Tags: Desert & Water Research, Natural Sciences, Research News

The findings are important to better understand how reef-building corals and other reef animals protect themselves from foreign invaders.

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