Medical research at BGU covers the spectrum of human health, with emphasis on neurosciences, diabetes, cardio metabolic health, and cancer.

BGU is an important player in the international bio-medical research arena. Pioneering research is conducted by highly respected senior faculty, a cadre of young scientists returning to Israel from prestigious institutions, and exceptional graduate and postgraduate research fellows. Collaborations between the health, natural and engineering sciences foster an environment of research innovation. BGU’s commitment to community is reflected in research focusing on the health problems of the Negev, especially in the fields of genetics, nutrition and psychiatry.

“Once one adheres to a sensible diet, even if you experience only a moderate weight loss, if you stick to it long enough you can cause regression of atherosclerosis."
– Prof. Iris Shai

Support research fellowships, scholarships for medical students, and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

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BGU Researchers Discover Potential Alzheimer’s Treatment

September 13, 2023

Tags: Medical Research, Research News

Atlanta Jewish Times — Israeli medical researchers have come up with what they believe may be a breakthrough in the
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BGU Researchers Create AI to Improve Success of IVF Treatment

September 12, 2023

Tags: Medical Research, Research News

The Jerusalem Post — Success rates for in-vitro fertilization vary according to the skills of the doctor and the age of the
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BGU Researchers Discover the Impact of Teammates on Performance

August 30, 2023

Tags: Medical Research, Research News

Israel21c — Ben-Gurion University of the Negev researchers recently discovered that teammates’ efforts in sports correlate with each other and have
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