Meet the Americans for Ben-Gurion University who believe in the vision of David Ben-Gurion, that the future of Israel lay in the Negev region.

"To help fight climate change." Andrew & Jamie, California
"I have watched them grow, and it has been remarkable." Lisa, California
"For inspiring our family." Michael, Craig & Eric, Illinois
"Because of our founder, David Ben-Gurion." Jill, Maryland
"To fight against global warming." Ho, New York
"The future of Israel will emerge from the Negev." Doug, A4BGU
"Because of BGU's scientific innovations for a healthier planet." Judith, California
"They transform Israel & the world." Jeff, Maryland
"Because of their research and innovation." Janice, New York
'It's a family tradition." Andrea, New York
"Because BGU promotes world-saving research." Linda & Gilbert, Texas
"Because it's all about our future." Gary, New Jersey
"Great things are coming out of the Negev." Marci, California
"BGU represents the very best of Israel" Sissy, Texas
"I love Israel and Israel loves me!" Zoe, New York