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"BGU serves all the communities of the Negev." Peter & Rosa, D.C.
"Because BGU promotes world-saving research." Linda & Gilbert, Texas
"BGU is central to the future of Israel." Sam & Connie, Pennsylvania
"BGU's scientific innovations for a safe State of Israel." Judith, California
"Because it's all about our future." Gary, New Jersey
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"For inspiring our family." Michael, Craig & Eric, Illinois
"Because of their research and innovation." Janice, New York
'It's a family tradition." Andrea, New York
"Great things are coming out of the Negev." Marci, California
"I fell in love with Israel through the Negev." Keren & David, Maryland
"BGU is the heart and soul of the Negev." Kara, Pennsylvania
“I love Ben-Gurion University!” Butters, Maryland
"I have watched them grow, and it has been remarkable." Lisa, California
"They transform Israel & the world." Jeff, Maryland
"BGU solves the world's biggest challenges." Tali & Lucy, Virginia