BGU researchers, pioneers and leaders in renewable fuels for over three decades, are powering the future of energy.

The goal of the BGU Energy Initiative is to develop innovative solutions to the world’s energy challenges. With proven track records in renewable liquid fuels, solar energy, nuclear energy, fuel cells, energy efficiency, and energy economics, scientists are creating commercially viable renewable energy sources. A technology for the production of jet fuel developed from vegetable oils is ready for commercialization. Molecular biologists are exploring how to extract energy from bacteria. Others are re-designing nuclear reactors, and improving energy-efficient architecture.

“It would take nearly a year to absorb from the sun the equivalent energy from just one barrel of oil. If we could solve the energy storage problem, solar energy could provide 90 percent of Israel’s power needs.”
– Prof. David Faiman

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Alternative Energy News

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BGU Revolutionizing Clean Air Travel

February 15, 2024

Tags: Alternative Energy, Sustainability & Climate Change

The Jerusalem Post — Passenger and military jets produce a tremendous amount of pollution above the Earth. Countries can’t stop air traffic,
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BGU Student Captures 100-Year-Old Mystery Chemical Reaction

August 8, 2023

Tags: Research News, Sustainability & Climate Change

ISRAEL21c — Hundreds of millions of tons of plastic are produced each year thanks to a chemical reaction in three
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BGU Scientists Discover Cleaner Chemical Processes

July 26, 2023

Tags: Alternative Energy, Sustainability & Climate Change

The Jerusalem Post — One of the most important drivers of perhaps the largest industrial chemical reaction has never been
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