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Using Technology to Piece Together Ancient Lost Jewish Text

December 22, 2021

Tags: Israel Studies, Culture & Jewish Thought

“I have been working for many years on the literature of the classical rabbinical sages,” says BGU Prof. Michal Bar-Asher Siegal, a scholar of rabbinic Judaism. “But I have a feeling that if I go down in history, it will be for this research."

BGU Researcher Explores How Long is Too Long to Daydream

December 17, 2021

Tags: Uncategorized

People with maladaptive daydreaming can spend hours in the daydream without wanting to stop; the behavior tends to become addictive. In her research, BGU's Dr. Soffer-Dudek has observed that it also appears to be more prevalent among young people.

New BGU Study: Oxygen When Sleeping Eases Depression

December 13, 2021

Tags: Research News

BGU's Dr. Abed N. Azab said his team doesn’t know how the oxygen impacts symptoms of depression, but is hoping to answer that question through further research, and is also planning a larger-scale study to further explore the potential of oxygen.

Pompeii’s Ruins to Be Reconstructed by Robot

December 7, 2021

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

A team at BGU is working with Marcello Pelillo, a professor of computer science and artificial intelligence at the University of Venice, and his group to develop a robot to piece together ruined wall frescoes in the ancient city of Pompeii.

What Causes ADHD? New BGU Study May Have Found Out

December 3, 2021

Tags: Medical Research

ADHD is one of the most common mental disorders that usually first show up during childhood. The implications of this finding could help pave the way for further understanding how ADHD works, and how it can be treated and managed.

BGU Finds Energy Potential In An Unlikely Source

December 1, 2021

Tags: Alternative Energy, Research News

A recent BGU study focusing on human waste has discovered that it beats bird droppings in energy generating potential. The research examined human waste's potential to power human civilization.

BGU Event Marks 30 Year Anniversary of Russia-Israel Ties

November 19, 2021

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events

Anatoly Viktorov, Russia's ambassador to Israel, participated in an event at BGU to mark the 30 year anniversary of diplomatic ties between Israel and Russia. "The relations between our countries, they stood the test of time," the diplomat announced.

Japan’s Fujitsu Taps BGU For New Cybersecurity Center

November 17, 2021

Tags: Homeland & Cyber Security, Research News

Japanese IT multinational Fujitsu is partnering with BGU to launch a new cybersecurity center in Beer-Sheva with a focus on joint research and technologies that help secure systems based on artificial intelligence.

BGU’s “She Space” Program Wins IAF Award

November 16, 2021

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events, Press Releases

A BGU educational project entitled "She Space," which encourages girls to be involved in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) studies has received a prestigious international excellence award.

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