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A4BGU CEO: Why Bring Ben-Gurion Day to the USA?

December 2, 2022

Tags: Israel Studies, Culture & Jewish Thought, Negev Development & Community Programs

In his latest piece for The Times of Israel, Doug Seserman explains, "Ben-Gurion was an idealist but also a pragmatist. He said: 'The fate of Israel depends on two things: on her strength and on her righteousness.'"

BGU Professor’s Idea Could Change NASA’s Energy Plan

January 4, 2023

Tags: Alternative Energy

“I developed a concept and performed all the quantitative estimates that an engineering staff at a space agency would want to review,” BGU Emeritus Professor Jeffrey Gordon said.

Prestigious SBIFF to Screen “Who Are the Marcuses?”

January 26, 2023

Tags: Desert & Water Research

The feature film documentary “Who Are the Marcuses?” reveals the mystery behind a Long Island couple who made a $500 million gift to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Benin Scholars Program Helps Low-Income Students Attend BGU

January 13, 2023

Tags: Negev Development & Community Programs

The sale of a two-and-a-half-acre plot of land in Jerusalem, owned by the estate of the late Albert Benin, may soon enable thousands of low-income Israeli students to receive scholarships to the nation’s top universities, including BGU.

Israeli Researchers Turn Bugs Into Fertilizer and Biodiesel

December 30, 2022

Tags: Alternative Energy, Research News, Sustainability & Climate Change

“What we are doing is genetic engineering of this amazing creature called black soldier fly and we are trying to gain more oil in order to get it commercially viable for biofuels production.”
-Julia Segalin Nemets, CEO of BGU's Oazis Accelerator

Study Finds Low Income Israelis Get Double Dose of Long Covid

December 28, 2022

Tags: Medical Research

“It’s well known that infections affected poorer people worse than others, and now this research shows that long COVID also disproportionately affects them,” Dr. Stav Shapira of BGU's Faculty of Health Science tells the Times of Israel

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