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Global Way Forward Campaign Rebuilding Israel’s South

April 12, 2024

Tags: Current events, Negev Development & Community Programs

Read about our new "Way Forward” campaign, a collaborative BGU $1 billion global fundraising initiative to build and strengthen Israel, beginning with the south.

The Negev, Ben-Gurion, Forward Motion: Doug Seserman

June 20, 2024

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events

WJC-Lauder Fellow and Harvard student Isaac Raskas Ohrenstein interviews people who are doing impactful work in the Jewish world. On this episode of Voices of Impact, Isaac interviews A4BGU CEO, Doug Seserman.

BGU Eagerly Awaits Noa Argamani’s Return to Campus

June 10, 2024

Tags: Current events

BGU computer engineering student Noa Argamani was rescued on June 8 by the IDF in a special operation. President Chamovitz and the BGU community eagerly await Noa's return to campus and are so glad to have Noa finally home.

BGU’s Prof. Dorit Nitzan Published Recent Study Regarding ...

June 10, 2024

Tags: Current events, Research News

In a recent study, BGU's Prof. Dorit Nitzan found that Gaza food aid meets standards, with Israel improving distribution: "The quantity and quality of food delivered by international donors through Israel to Gaza has steadily improved since January."

BGU-Led Researchers Discover Potential ALS Treatment

June 7, 2024

Tags: Medical Research, Research News

A new study, led by BGU's Dr. Leenor Alfahel, explores a promising therapy for ALS, which has shown potential to delay motor function decline and extend lifespan in a mouse model.

The Jerusalem Post and BGU Launch Environment News Section

June 5, 2024

Tags: Current events, Desert & Water Research, Sustainability & Climate Change

A new initiative between BGU and The Jerusalem Post underscores the growing recognition of the urgent need to address environmental issues and the role of media in promoting awareness and action.

New BGU Cancer Research Breakthrough

May 30, 2024

Tags: Medical Research, Research News

Prof. Barak Rotblat discovered a potential treatment for brain cancer through his research at the Department of Life Sciences and the National Institute for Biotechnology in the Negev (NIBN) at Ben-Gurion University.

ASU President Crow Honored by BGU for Exceptional Leadership

May 29, 2024

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events

“We can and should learn from perspectives different from our own,” Crow said before his visit to Israel. “And we should embrace the opportunity we have to do this in a safe environment here at the University, free from hostility and fear."

A gift that can make a new generation of dreams come true

May 28, 2024

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events

Everyone has a story that’s worth telling, and everyone has the ability to have a positive impact on future generations. That was the belief that spurred Daniel Klionsky to start an endowment fund through Americans for Ben-Gurion University.

BGU Presents ASU President Michael M. Crow with Honorary Degree

May 24, 2024

Tags: Press Releases

Dr. Crow’s collaborative efforts with Ben-Gurion University over the past 15 years have notably advanced both institutions’ contributions to sustainability and healthcare.

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