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A University With the Potential to Change All of Israel

September 3, 2021

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events, Negev Development & Community Programs, Social Sciences & Humanities

“We are partnering in the remarkable, which is modern Israel as manifest through a university," says Doug Seserman, Chief Executive Officer of Americans for Ben-Gurion University. "BGU is driving the country forward.”

BGU and NJIT Launch NJ Institute for Future Technologies

March 18, 2021

Tags: Robotics & High-Tech

Two powerhouse universities in the fields of cyber technologies and environmental engineering will come together to offer dual degrees and exciting new research opportunities.

BGU Study Reveals Popular Artificial Sweeteners May Cause Harm

October 11, 2021

Tags: Research News

“Our findings reveal that artificial sweeteners do, in fact, disrupt bacterial communication, which can negatively impact digestive balance and are harmful to gut health," says BGU's Dr. Karina Goldberg, the study's lead researcher.

BGU Researchers Use Makeup to Defeat Facial Recognition Tech

October 7, 2021

Tags: Research News

A new study used digitally and physically applied makeup to test the limits of state-of-the-art facial recognition software. The researchers saw 100 percent success in the digital experiments on both the FaceNet model and the LResNet model.

CNN: BGU Alumni Ink $20M Deal With US Air Force

October 1, 2021

Tags: Business & Management

"We really see ourselves as the SpaceX of weather," Rei Goffer says. "Weather is one of the last domains that has not seen massive investment and massive innovation coming from the private sector, until now."

A New Way: Promoting Jewish-Arab Understanding

September 27, 2021

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events

Founder Tikva Bracha is the 2021 recipient of BGU's William Berelson Prize for the Promotion of Jewish-Arab Understanding in Memory of Yitzhak Rabin.

BGU Teams up with RIU to Study Moroccan Jewry

September 15, 2021

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events

This agreement, focused on education and research, is the second collaboration between Ben-Gurion University and a Moroccan academic institution.

New BGU Study: Medical Cannabis Reduces Blood Pressure

September 15, 2021

Tags: Research News

"Cannabis research is in its early stages and BGU is at the forefront of evaluating clinical use based on scientific studies," says Doug Seserman.

Historic Collaboration Between BGU and Morocco’s UIR

September 14, 2021

Tags: Israel Studies, Culture & Jewish Thought, Press Releases, Social Sciences & Humanities

The collaboration between the Israeli and Moroccan universities will include the study of the Moroccan Jews’ cultural heritage, as well as the intertwined destiny of Jews and Muslims in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

BGU’s Dr. Tomer Bakalash: COVID and Uncertainty

September 10, 2021

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

Social psychologist, neuroscientist, and BGU lecturer, Dr. Tomer Bakalash, tells Haaretz the COVID-19 pandemic is the most uncertain time since WWII.

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