Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is ranked as one of the world’s top universities established in the past 50 years.

Israel’s youngest, most dynamic university, BGU attracts the best and brightest students from across Israel and around the world.

At BGU, multidisciplinary research is more the rule than the exception, with students and researchers across different faculties, departments and research centers working together to find the best solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Here is an overview of BGU’s campus, faculties, degree programs, medical and health sciences schools, research institutes and centers – with links to their own websites (when available).

For more details about BGU’s academic programs, visit the University’s website.

Campuses: Five Campuses and One to Grow

BGU’s Marcus Family Campus in Beer-Sheva is the University’s flagship campus and its academic, cultural, social, and administrative center.

The University has two additional campuses in Beer-Sheva, the David Tuviyahu Campus and David Bergman Campus, which house a variety of scientific laboratories.

The University’s Sde Boker Campus, located near the desert home of David Ben-Gurion and his gravesite, is home to the Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research and BGU’s Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism.

At BGU’s Eilat campus, students can earn specialized degrees in marine biology, energy, and hospitality and tourism management.

In 2013, the University doubled its physical size with the addition of the new 57-acre North Campus. Located across the train tracks from BGU’s Marcus Family Campus, the campus will help the University grow to its full potential over the next three decades, allowing for the building of new student dorms, labs, classrooms, and an events center.

Degree Programs Taught in English

With the goal of increasing the number of international students at BGU, most of its advanced degree programs are taught in English.

Doctorate and Post-Doc Degrees:
Kreitman School of Advanced Graduate Studies

Graduate Degrees:
Albert Katz International School for Desert Studies
Mandel Social Leadership MBA Program
M.A. in Israel Studies
M.A. in Linguistics
M.A. in Literature
M.EM in Disaster Preparedness and Response

For a more complete list, click here >>

Undergraduate Degrees:
B.EMS in International Academic Emergency Medicine
B.A. in Literature and Linguistics

For more information about degree programs taught in English, go to BGU’s international studies site.

Medical and Health Science Schools

BGU is home to two world-class medical schools; both are associated with Beer-Sheva’s Soroka University Medical Center.

Joyce and Irving Goldman Medical School (Taught in Hebrew)
Medical School for International Health (Taught in English)

Other schools train exceptional nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, brain scientists, and other health professionals.

The Inter-Faculty Brain Science School
School of Public Health
Leon and Mathilde Recanati School for Community Health Professions
School for Medical Laboratory Sciences
School of Pharmacy
School of Continuing Medical Education

Research Centers

BGU is home to a wide range of research centers that are making a difference in the Negev, Israel and the world. Here is an abbreviated list organized by general discipline.

Business and Management
Bengis Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Decision Making and Economic Psychology Center
Israeli Center for Third Sector Research
The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Institute for Social Leadership

Desert and Environmental Research
Ben-Gurion National Solar Energy Center
Bengis Center for Desert Aquaculture
Blaustein Center for Scientific Cooperation
Center for Desert Architecture and Urban Planning
Marco and Louise Mitrani Center for Desert Ecology
Newman Information Center for Desert Research and Development

Education and Welfare
Center for Futurism in Education
Martin Springer Center for Conflict Studies
Negev Center for Regional Development
RADAR: Israeli Regional Alcohol and Drug Abuse Resources Center
Robert H. Arnow Center for Bedouin Studies and Development

Engineering and High-Tech
Agricultural, Biological and Cognitive (ABC) Robotics Center
Blechner Center for Industrial Catalysis and Process Development
Nano Fabrication Center

Humanities and Social Sciences
Center for Austrian and German Studies
Center for the Study of Conversion and Inter-Religious Encounters
Center for the Study of European Politics and Society
Center for Women’s Health Studies and Promotion
Chaim Herzog Center for Middle East Studies and Diplomacy
Goldstein-Goren International Center for Jewish Thought
Hubert H. Humphrey Center for Social Research
Israeli Center for Qualitative Research of People and Societies
Moshe David Gaon Center for Ladino Culture
Sidney R. and Esther Rabb Center for Holocaust and Redemption Studies
Tamar Golan Centre for Africa Studies

Medicine and Health

Brain Imaging Research Center
Center for Emerging Diseases, Tropical Diseases & Aids
Center for Evolutionary Genomics and Medicine
Center for Multidisciplinary Research in Aging
Center for Regenerative Medicine, Cellular Therapy and Stem Cell Research
Jakobovits Center for Jewish Medical Ethics
Moshe Prywes Center for Medical Education
National Autism Research Center
PREPARED – The Center for Emergency Response Research
S. Daniel Abraham International Center for Health and Nutrition
Zlotowski Center for Neuroscience

Natural Sciences
Center for Advanced Studies in Mathematics
Edmond J. Safra Center for the Design and Engineering of Functional Biopolymers in the Negev
Lynne and William Frankel Center for Computer Science
Jacques Loeb Center for the History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences