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New Interferometer May Shed Light on Quantum Gravity

June 4, 2021

Tags: Nanotechnology, Research News

A BGU-led team combined two famous physics experiments and atom-chip technology to build a magnet-based interferometer to explore quantum gravity.

New BGU System Detects Global Palm Tree Infestation

June 1, 2021

Tags: Research News

Using deep learning methods and Google aerial and street images of palm trees, researchers can geolocate and examine infested trees anywhere.

Researchers Find Mechanism to Refine Cancer Therapies

May 28, 2021

Tags: Medical Research, Research News

BGU researchers have discovered a novel molecular mechanism that is a promising therapeutic candidate to target cancer cells and optimize treatment.

BGU Develops Molecular Tweezers to Battle Bacteria

May 4, 2021

Tags: Medical Research, Research News

Researchers from Ben-Gurion University have developed "molecular tweezers" to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Genes and Healthy Aging: A New Eye-Opening BGU Study

April 5, 2021

Tags: Research News

Researchers from BGU have identified the genes responsible for a more "healthy aging" process.

Decades of Scientific Theory Potentially Disproven by BGU Study

March 30, 2021

Tags: Research News

Higher background radiation levels are linked to a longer life expectancy, according to the new study.

South African Variant More Resistant to Vaccine, BGU Finds

March 21, 2021

Tags: Medical Research, Research News

The vaccine still worked against the South African variant, but in a less efficient way.

BGU Researchers Develop Cheap, Rapid Test for COVID Variants

March 17, 2021

Tags: Research News

The cost-effective tests identify COVID-19’s British and South African variants within hours instead of days.

BGU Develops Easy, Cheap Test to Identify COVID Variants

March 4, 2021

Tags: Research News

The rapid and cost-effective test is able to identify UK and South African variants of the novel coronavirus.

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