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Building An Innovation Ecosystem in the Desert

June 23, 2020

Tags: Negev Development & Community Programs

From cybersecurity to desert tech, BGU is pioneering the future of the Negev.

Negative Interest Rates Keep Investors Away

June 10, 2020

Tags: Business & Management, Social Sciences & Humanities

A BGU study shows risk-taking investors prefer zero interest rates to negative rates when borrowing money.

BGU Helps Launch “AI Lifeguards”

June 1, 2020

Tags: Business & Management, Robotics & High-Tech

With initial funding from BGU, students develop an AI system to alert lifeguards when swimmers are in danger.

Only Airlines With Strictest Virus Measures Will Survive

May 8, 2020

Tags: Business & Management

Prof. Yaniv Poria says airlines will need to implement costly precautions to encourage travelers to return.

Understanding the Challenges of the Post-Corona Economy

May 7, 2020

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

Prof. Avia Spivak shares his views on what it will take for the world economy to regain its health.

Discovering the Key to Reversing Cognitive Decline

April 30, 2020

Tags: Medical Research

BGU Prof. Alon Friedman's work on the blood-brain barrier could lead to therapies for the aging human brain.

The Secret to Waiting in Line

March 4, 2020

Tags: Business & Management

New study shows there is a trick to being patient while waiting.

Beer-Sheva City Center Shifts to Innovation District

January 22, 2020

Tags: Business & Management, Negev Development & Community Programs

The area includes BGU, the hospital, IDF, and business, becoming the Rothschild Blvd. of Beer-Sheva.

BGU Shines While Beer-Sheva Rises as Tech Hub

January 13, 2020

Tags: Negev Development & Community Programs, Robotics & High-Tech

David Ben-Gurion’s dream for the Negev is being realized thanks to BGU and international tech companies.

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