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Bedouin Women Face Obstacles to Access Healthcare

June 21, 2021

Tags: Negev Development & Community Programs, Social Sciences & Humanities

Interviews conducted by Haneen Shibli, a researcher at BGU, shed light on the difficulties Bedouin women run into when seeking medical care in Israel.

New Advice for Type 2 Diabetics: Drink Wine

January 30, 2019

Tags: Medical Research

A BGU study says that those with the disease might experience benefits if they drink wine in moderation.

A Better Way to Predict Diabetes Remission

December 17, 2018

Tags: Medical Research

BGU develops an advanced scoring method to help doctors predict type 2 remission following bariatric surgery.

Wine Tied to Healthier Arteries for Some Diabetics

February 27, 2018

Tags: Medical Research

BGU studied people with type 2 diabetes who drank wine daily as part of a Mediterranean diet.

“Super Enzyme” Improves Glucose Level Testing

September 28, 2017

Tags: Medical Research, Natural Sciences

BGU researchers engineer a new method that measures blood-sugar levels faster and more accurately.

Reversing Type 1 Diabetes

April 19, 2017

Tags: Medical Research

Using the alpha-1 protein, Prof. Eli Lewis has eliminated some patients’ need for insulin injections.

Wine Has Demonstrable Benefits for Type 2 Diabetes

June 1, 2016

Tags: Medical Research

A two-year BGU study shows moderate wine consumption can raise good cholesterol while lowering the bad.

Gestational Diabetes Not Just Harmful to Mothers

April 8, 2016

Tags: Medical Research

A BGU study shows a correlation between gestational diabetes and neurological issues in newborns.

A Quest to Cure Diabetes

January 15, 2016

Tags: Medical Research

Dr. Lewis discusses how he could be the person who cures diabetes once and for all.