Missed the live celebration?

The Ben-Gurion Day 2023 webinar recording is now available. Immerse yourself in the timeless legacy of David Ben-Gurion and join the celebration from wherever you are. Unlock the stories, insights, and inspiration that marked this special occasion.

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Paula Kabalo

Head, Azrieli Center for Israel Studies (MALI), The Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism

Eitan Donyets

CEO, Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute

Immerse yourself in an engaging conversation as Paula Kabalo and Eitan Donyets take us on an insightful journey through the legacy of David Ben-Gurion, a visionary leader who shaped the course of a nation. Discover the remarkable history, values, and enduring impact of Ben-Gurion’s vision for Israel and the Negev.

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