Lesson Plans:
Ben-Gurion Day in the USA

Our Ben-Gurion Day in the USA lesson plans, developed in partnership with Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute, offer a basic overview of Israeli prime minister David Ben-Gurion’s life and leadership, with a particular focus on one aspect of his leadership: the ability to see the “bigger picture” at each decisive stage in his life. Please use and share them in your classroom for a variety of fun learning activities!

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Talking Points for Ben-Gurion Day in the USA:
The Bible and Ben-Gurion’s Vision of an Exemplary Society

Explore the intersections of faith, society, and leadership, and engage in conversations that honor Ben-Gurion’s enduring legacy. Let these talking points be your guide to a meaningful sermon or discussions that bridge the past and present.

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David Ben-Gurion Quotes

Today, more than ever, David Ben-Gurion’s words are impactful and relevant. Please consider using some of these additional quotes as a resource in your conversations and communications.

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