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Americans for Ben-Gurion University and the Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute welcomes you to join us in commemorating the second year of Ben-Gurion Day in the USA. Join us in honoring Israel’s founding father by utilizing these social media assets, tips, and more to effortlessly share your participation and extend an invitation to your community to be part of this momentous day.

Stay connected and informed by following A4BGU on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Be sure to tag us on your posts and we’ll keep you updated on all the latest developments leading up to this momentous day. Let’s make Year 2 even more memorable and engaging together!

Tag @A4BGU on social media and use the hashtag #BenGurionDayUSA to share your experience.

Share With Your Community

Download and save these images to share on social media or embed on your website, blog, or email campaign.


Suggested Posting Copy

Caption for Personal Invitation: “Counting down the days to #BenGurionDayUSA! Can’t wait to be a part of this momentous occasion celebrating the Founding Father of Israel. Join me on November 19th at 12pm ET to pay tribute to his incredible legacy. Be sure to register and join the festivities. [Link]”

Caption for General Promotion: “Ben-Gurion Day in the USA is back and bigger than ever! Join me and Americans for Ben-Gurion University in honoring Israel’s visionary first Prime Minister. Learn more and get involved: [Link]”

Supporting Ben-Gurion Day in the USA

Honor and share the spirit of Ben-Gurion Day in the USA even further with some of the following suggestions:

  • Use the hashtag #BenGurionDayUSA to join the conversation – we’ll be resharing posts all day!
  • Show us how your community Stands With Israel by sharing and use the hashtag #BenGurionDayUSA.
  • Review our suggested talking points to incorporate the philosophy and perspective of David Ben-Gurion into your upcoming sermon, talk, or activity.
  • Check out our lesson plan for a variety of family-friendly activities that explore what it means to “see the bigger picture” and understand multiple perspectives.
  • Remember David Ben-Gurion in your own way. Commemorate the day through actions, words, or your own way of remembering, and share if you’d like through the hashtag #BenGurionDayUSA.