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BGU Launches New Center for Sports Diplomacy

BGU Launches New Center for Sports Diplomacy

April 8, 2024

Business & Management, Current events

Margaritis Schinas VP of the European Commission and Prof. Sharon Pardo

NoCamels – Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) launches The Center for Sports Diplomacy (CSD) dedicated to exploring the role of sports in international diplomacy. The center aims to focus on the impact of sports on a range of foreign affairs-related fields, including cultural and public diplomacy, international relations and political science.

Prof. Sharon Pardo, appointed as the head of the research center noted to NoCamels, “Sports are another basis for policy branding to change and improve the image of countries. We see more and more countries using sports to promote their values and interests. Against the background of current events, this is another dimension that could help Israeli diplomacy.”

BGU’s President Prof. Daniel Chamovitz remarked on the center’s opening, “BGU has always emphasized the impactful research that arises from the juxtaposition of seemingly diverse fields. By bringing together sports and culture with international relations and policy, our new center will shed light on the influence of sport on global relations and position the University as a leader in this growing field.”

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