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A4BGU Joins “Bring Them Home Now” NYC Gathering

A4BGU Joins “Bring Them Home Now” NYC Gathering

March 11, 2024

Current events

AMNY — Americans for Ben-Gurion University partnered with dozens of organizations on Sunday, March 10th to demand the safe return of all remaining hostages being held by the terrorist group Hamas following the Oct. 7, 2023 terrorist attacks.

Gathering at the Naumburg Bandshell, thousands of participants looked upon speakers who once again railed for the remaining hostages held by Hamas to be “brought home.” Among those speakers was a former hostage who had been freed following weeks of captivity, who told her harrowing story while calling for the freedom of her comrades in marking more than 150 days since they were taken hostage.


A sea of Israeli flags at Sunday’s rally in Central Park.

Hundreds remain in captivity, including BGU engineering student Noa Argamani.












Karen Munder stood among them, she was taken by Hamas on that day along with her son, and while they got out, she says her father, Abraham Munder, still remains.

“I was kidnapped from the safe room in my parents’ house in kibbutz,” Munder said, telling a stunned crowd that her brother was killed in the same house they were abducted from. “After 49 days we were released from this hell but my father — 79-years-old — is still there. We were held in a tiny room inside a hospital.”

Recounting the terrifying tale, the large assembly joined with her chanting “Bring them home!”

Following the rally, the crowd of hundreds, led by the hostages’ families, marched around Central Park, making their voices to all who would listen that it’s time for the hostages to return home.

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