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DeserTech and Climate Innovation Center Opening in Beer-Sheva

DeserTech and Climate Innovation Center Opening in Beer-Sheva

January 10, 2024

Desert & Water Research, Sustainability & Climate Change

DeserTech and Climate Innovation Center leaders gather in Beer-Sheva

The Jerusalem Post — The DeserTech and Climate Innovation Center is opening in Beer-Sheva with an investment of NIS 15 million ($4.1 million).

It will be one of nine new innovation centers across Israel identified by the government. The center – a partnership of the Merage Foundation Israel, the InNegev Incubator, the Israel Innovation Institute, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), Group 19, Fusion Fund, and Netafim – will focus specifically on new climate startups aimed at helping to solve the climate change and desertification crises.

BGU is at the heart of the Negev and one of the largest employers of the Negev with staff, students and their families living and working there.

October 7 led to a real crisis in the Negev,  Cohen Shachari added. This center is also another way to help rehabilitate the area.

“In these challenging times, this initiative takes on additional meaning and will also contribute to the rehabilitation and promotion of quality employment for the communities affected by the recent events,” said InNegev Incubator CEO Arnon Columbus.

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