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Fallen IDF Soldier’s Dream of Coexistence Lives On

Fallen IDF Soldier’s Dream of Coexistence Lives On

January 25, 2024

Current events

Sergeant First Class (res.) Ahmad Abu Latif z”l

i24 News — At the funeral of his younger brother, Sergeant First Class Ahmad Abu Latif z”l, Kaid Abu Latif recounted how the passionate fighter fought for his country’s security and coexistence between citizens in Israel.

In the Rahat cemetery, Kaid promised to continue the incredible journey of advocacy that his younger brother had begun, describing him as a hero of Israel who dreamed of Jews and Arabs protecting the country hand in hand, for “if we don’t defend the country, who will?”

Ahmad had been working as a security guard at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev for two years but aspired to become a professor.

“He told me, my dream is to become a speaker and I believed him and encouraged him because whatever he wanted, he achieved. I was sure he would achieve all his goals because he was a fighter. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to realize his dream, but I hope that his one-year-old daughter Mansoura will become a great teacher to honor her father and that he will be proud of her from where he is,” explained Kaid.

“Since October 7, civilians have taken it upon themselves to defend the country, where the state has failed in its duty. The younger generation is showing us that we have to work together, Jews and Arabs, because we are threatened by a common enemy that does not differentiate between religions. The Bedouin community has paid a heavy price for the war, in terms of hostages, dead and missing. We have an obligation to continue in this direction through our actions.”

“At his grave, I promised him to continue the mission to which he had committed himself, and to do everything to promote coexistence, not with words but with deeds,” he concluded.

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