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Israel’s Cyber Security Frontier

Israel’s Cyber Security Frontier

May 26, 2016

Homeland & Cyber Security

Computer Weekly — In the past, Beer-Sheva was known for being a natural fortress against biblical armies. Today, it is a fortress against a different kind of threat: cyber crime.

In Beer-Sheva, a hub for cyber security research and development has emerged. Twenty percent of global investment in the cyber security sector goes to Israel, much of which is centered on the desert city.

Those investments are bolstered by the the burgeoning Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, where the BGU Cyber Security Research Center is conducting groundbreaking research in this field.


In 2010, Israel adopted its National Cyber Initiative, which established a National Cyber Bureau to encourage co-operation between academia, industry and the defense community.

BGU recently signed research contracts valued at tens of millions of shekels with the Bureau, a testament to the confidence the Israeli government has in the University to become the world’s cyber security standard bearer.

Beer-Sheva is once again filling a central role in military and civilian defense, but the battlefield now plays out in digital bits instead of arid desert, and the weapons are innovation and information-sharing rather than trenches and bayonets.

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