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BGU Researcher Develops One-Minute Coronavirus Test

May 14, 2020

Tags: Medical Research

Prof. Gabby Sarusi's sensor-based test eliminates the need to ship biological samples to a lab for testing.

Coronavirus Test Shortages Trigger a New Strategy

May 13, 2020

Tags: Medical Research

Dr. Tomer Hertz has developed a batch testing method, allowing more people to be diagnosed using fewer tests.

Future Outbreaks Could Be Predicted by Sewage

May 7, 2020

Tags: Medical Research, Robotics & High-Tech

Researchers could detect coronavirus released in a community's feces even before symptoms become apparent.

MSIH Alum Creates SplitVent Device

May 7, 2020

Tags: Medical Research

Dr. Tobin Greensweig invented a device to allow more than one COVID-19 patient to share a ventilator.

BGU Ph.D. Student Designs Face Masks for the Hearing Impaired

May 6, 2020

Tags: Medical Research

Teaming up with a Dimona high school robotics team, the masks are being produced with a 3-D printer.

Nanomaterial Surface Coatings Could Prevent COVID-19 Spread

May 5, 2020

Tags: Medical Research, Nanotechnology

The paintable, sprayable material provides long-lasting antiviral protection for public spaces.

BGU’s COVID-19 Response Effort

May 5, 2020

Tags: Medical Research

The BGU COVID-19 Response Effort is established to help cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

New COVID-19 Test Identifies Asymptomatic Carriers

May 4, 2020

Tags: Medical Research

BGU researchers developed a test that can speed COVID-19 testing eightfold and identify asymptomatic carriers.

Preparing Kids for a Safe Return to School

April 30, 2020

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

BGU Prof. Limor Aharonson-Daniel says giving children the facts of what's going on can ease their anxiety.

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