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BGU Students at Forefront of Israel’s Oil Exploration

October 21, 2015

Tags: Natural Sciences, Press Releases

They are working with Prof. Harold Vinegar, providing scientific analysis for the oil program in the Golan.

Changing Gender of Prawns to Benefit Farmers

October 20, 2015

Tags: Natural Sciences

BGU researchers are perfecting a safe and effective way to help prawn farmers in Asia increase their profits.

Cuttlefish Can Change Color in the Blink of an Eye

October 15, 2015

Tags: Natural Sciences

Discover magazine covers BGU research about nature’s fastest dynamic camouflagers.

Unseasonal Dust Storm Attributed to War in Syria

October 14, 2015

Tags: Natural Sciences

BGU researchers suggest the dust resulted from man-made conditions.

A New Test of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

August 18, 2015

Tags: Natural Sciences

Prof. Ron Folman and his research team put one atomic "clock" in two places at the same time.

BGU Researchers Communicate with Inca-Style Knots

July 15, 2015

Tags: Natural Sciences

The new graphical language can express the fusion of information and the flow of computational processes.

Baby, It’s Hot Outside!

June 9, 2015

Tags: Natural Sciences, Press Releases

Warm temperatures during pregnancy result in lower birth weight, according to BGU and Harvard researchers.

BGU Scientists Have an Epiphany About How Fish Fish

March 27, 2015

Tags: Natural Sciences

Archer fish help BGU researchers see that all vertebrates, not just mammals, possess "pop-out visual search."

Getting to Know Nature’s Toughest Bat

January 7, 2015

Tags: Desert & Water Research, Natural Sciences

BGU researchers study the eating habits of the desert long-eared bat whose "meal of choice" is live scorpions.

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