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BGU Named One of the Planet’s Greenest Campuses

January 22, 2015

Tags: Alternative Energy, Leadership, Awards & Events

BGU placed 24th out of 360 universities ranked for their sustainability by the University of Indonesia.

A New Road to Energy Efficiency

June 24, 2014

Tags: Alternative Energy

Researchers are making auto engines more efficient, using heat expelled by exhaust systems as fuel.

BGU Is Driving the Future with a Foldable Car

December 17, 2013

Tags: Alternative Energy, Business & Management, Robotics & High-Tech

BGU alumni are creating the City Transformer, the urban vehicle of the future.

BGU Researchers Develop a New “Green” Crude Oil

November 20, 2013

Tags: Alternative Energy, Press Releases

BGU researchers have developed a process to convert carbon dioxide and hydrogen into renewable energy.

A Revolutionary Alternative Fuel Process from BGU

November 14, 2013

Tags: Alternative Energy, Natural Sciences

Prof. Moti Herskowitz and his team have discovered a way to produce "green" liquid fuel.

A Revolutionary Alternative Fuel

November 14, 2013

Tags: Alternative Energy

BGU researchers are producing jet fuel from two of the most common substances on earth.

Advancing Organic Solar Energy

June 5, 2013

Tags: Alternative Energy

A low-cost, carpet-like organic material that will revolutionize the solar field is under development.

Breaking the Solar Logjam

May 13, 2013

Tags: Alternative Energy

Prof. David Faiman comments on the state of the solar energy industry.

Reversing Israel’s Brain Drain

April 23, 2013

Tags: Alternative Energy, Medical Research

BGU alumnus Dr. Dan Gincel focuses on encouraging Israeli scientists living abroad to return home.

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