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Diabetic Foot Is Linked to Cognitive Deterioration

November 17, 2015

Tags: Medical Research

Dr. Rachel Natovich discovers this diabetes symptom can be an indicator of more severe complications.

Moderate Wine Consumption Can Help Diabetics

October 30, 2015

Tags: Medical Research

Research led by Prof. Iris Shai finds that wine can help balance sugar and cholesterol levels.

Wine May Help Manage Diabetes

October 14, 2015

Tags: Medical Research

Prof. Iris Shai finds that a nightly glass of red wine improves heart health of those with type 2 diabetes.

Mom Teams-Up with BGU Researcher to Cure Diabetes

July 18, 2014

Tags: Medical Research

Searching for better diabetes treatment for her son, a San Antonio mom connects with Dr. Eli Lewis.

Working with Local Physicians on Diabetes Treatment

May 12, 2014

Tags: Medical Research

Philadelphia hosted a clinical trial of a breakthrough diabetes protocol by BGU’s Dr. Eli Lewis.

A Promising Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes

April 25, 2014

Tags: Medical Research

Infusions of AAT could end insulin injections for people newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

BGU Researcher Talks Possible Diabetes Cure

April 24, 2014

Tags: Medical Research

Dr. Eli Lewis says some patients infused with an FDA-approved drug have eliminated their insulin use.

More Good News on the Diabetes Front

April 3, 2014

Tags: Medical Research

Dr. Eli Lewis’s recent clinical trials resulted in patients being able to reduce their insulin use.

BGU Researcher May Have a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes

February 28, 2014

Tags: Medical Research

BGU's Dr. Eli Lewis found that alpha 1 antitrypsin may be able to cure type 1 diabetes in some patients.