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Just Saying There Are Attacks Is Not Enough

Just Saying There Are Attacks Is Not Enough

October 27, 2020

Homeland & Cyber Security

The Cyberwire — BGU researchers have developed a new artificial intelligence technique that will protect medical devices from malicious attacks. Threats can occur due to cyberattacks, human errors such as a technician’s configuration mistake or host PC software bugs.

Tom Mahler

As part of his research, BGU Ph.D. candidate Tom Mahler has developed a technique using artificial intelligence that analyzes the instructions sent from the PC to the physical components using a new architecture for the detection of anomalous instructions. The published study can be found here.

“Just saying there are attacks is not enough. I wanted to find solutions,” says Mahler.

The Cyberwire’s Research Saturday podcast features an interview with Tom Mahler, who discusses his research as a member of [email protected] and BGU’s Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering.

Click here to listen to the podcast.