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Israel21c Features BGU President in “The 48”

Israel21c Features BGU President in “The 48”

May 14, 2024

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President of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Prof. Daniel Chamovitz

Israel21c – To commemorate Israel’s 76th Independence Day, Israel21c’s features “The 48” incredible Israelis who exemplify Israel resilience and are building towards a brighter future. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) President Prof. Daniel Chamovitz is included among “The 48” for his role in fostering unity in the South of Israel. Also included among “The 48” are Dr. Talia Meital Schwartz-Tayri, a BGU faculty member at the BGU Spitzer Department of Social Work, and Sylvan Adams, BGU Board of Governors member, philanthropist and Israel advocate.

Prof. Chamovitz explains to Israel21c how the University is deeply committed to rebuilding and revitalizing not only the local Negev community but also contributing to the broader fabric of Israeli society.

“My job as president of BGU is to lead and inspire. Every day that I pass through the gates of the university, I am keenly aware of the responsibility I have in fulfilling the dreams of (first Israeli Prime Minister) David Ben-Gurion,” said Prof. Chamovitz.

“Envisioning a ‘Hebrew Oxford in the Negev,’ [Ben-Gurion] prophesized back in 1955 that this future university would ‘play a key role in turning the Negev into a flourishing region through scientific research and technological advancements,’ while fostering a more just and inclusive society in one of Israel’s most challenging regions.

I envision a future where the Negev is not only a hub for cutting-edge research and technological advancements but also a model of coexistence and integration for diverse communities, including Jews and Bedouins. Our efforts are geared towards making the Negev a place where sustainable development and ecological innovation go hand in hand with fostering strong, inclusive communities.

On [October 7] and in its aftermath, over 100 members of the BGU community were murdered or killed in action. The immediate and ongoing impacts of this tragedy have been profound.

The task of not giving in to despair, while motivating our community to remain proactive, has been enormous. Consoling the mourners among us and speaking to the parents of our kidnapped student, Noa Argamani, has brought challenges that are almost impossible to articulate.

These experiences have reshaped my understanding of leadership and community resilience.”

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