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NBC News: BGU Student Noa Argamani Is The Face of Hostages

NBC News: BGU Student Noa Argamani Is The Face of Hostages

December 20, 2023

Current events

Ben-Gurion University engineering student, Noa Argamani.

NBC News — The video of her kidnapping has been seen around the world.

A hand outstretched, terror etched on her face, screaming as she is carried away on the back of a motorcycle, the roughly 10-second clip became an instant symbol of Israel’s hostage crisis.

But more than two months after Noa Argamani was abducted from the Supernova, or Nova, music festival during the Oct. 7 terrorist attack, she remains a captive in Gaza. Even as other young civilian women were released during a weeklong ceasefire in November, there has been no sign of Argamani.

NBC News has uncovered information indicating she may not have been kidnapped by Hamas, but was instead most likely abducted by a mob of Gazans that swept into Israel hours after the initial attack. That may explain why she was not released during the November cease-fire: Hamas may not be holding her, or even know where she is.

Argamani is among 14 female civilians who have yet to be released by their captors. More than two months after she was taken hostage, friends and family are growing more desperate to know her fate, and why she hasn’t been freed alongside about 100 others.

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