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Liora Argamani Pleads To See Daughter Again

Liora Argamani Pleads To See Daughter Again

November 29, 2023

Current events


Daily Mail — Liora Argamani’s temporary apartment near her cancer treatment clinic is adorned with photos of her only child Noa, 26 who was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on October 7th. But time is not on the family’s side.

Noa Argamani, a second-year engineering student at Ben-Gurion University, was kidnapped on October 7 by Hamas terrorists. Liora fears she will not live to see her daughter again. Liora is battling stage 4 brain cancer and her husband Yakov says that doctors don’t have hope. Her condition continues to worsen each day Noa is in Gazan captivity.

As the world awaits each hostage release, Liora, told the Daily Mail that she is only asking for one thing before she deteriorates.

“My one wish would be to hug and see Noa before something happens to me due to my medical condition, which would mean I won’t be able to,” said Liora Argamani.

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