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Preventing Cyber Attacks Via USB Drives

Preventing Cyber Attacks Via USB Drives

October 14, 2016

Homeland & Cyber Security

CyberWire — Ran Yahalom, Ph.D. student and project leader at the Malware Lab of the Cyber Security Research Center at BGU, sat down with the CyberWire podcast recently to discuss his specialty: combating USB-based cyber attacks.


Ran Yahalom

“During the last year I’ve been researching all types of different USB-based attacks,” he says, “and my goal is to be able to detect and maybe prevent attacks before they happen.”

As to why he decided to focus on this particular aspect of cyber security research, Yahalom cites misplaced user trust in USB devices.

“I think the most important thing is that users tend to trust USB devices to do exactly what that device is supposed to do,” the researcher says. “This trust opens a wide range of attack platforms.”

Listen at 11:40 for the discussion with Ran Yahalom:

And to hear more about bad USBs listen here at 11:40: