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BGU Prof. Receives Gates Foundation Grant

November 10, 2014

Tags: Medical Research, Press Releases

Prof. Zvi Bentwich received funding from the Gates Foundation to support his work in Ethiopia.

Israel to Help California Combat Historic Drought

October 29, 2014

Tags: Desert & Water Research

Prof. Eilon Adar travels to California to share water conservation expertise to region.

BGU Prof. Shares Israeli Water Research

October 27, 2014

Tags: Desert & Water Research, Press Releases

Water expert Prof. Eilon Adar visits California to share water technology and drought experience.

BGU Prof. Visits Antioch, CA, Shares Water Expertise

October 27, 2014

Tags: Desert & Water Research

Prof. Eilon Adar tours a sewage treatment plant to see what the US can learn from Israel about water.

Cyber Center Established with BGU in Beer-Sheva

October 9, 2014

Tags: Homeland & Cyber Security

Collaboration with BGU’S tech transfer company and other private entities launched in Beer-Sheva.

The Fight Against Ebola

August 15, 2014

Tags: Medical Research

Dr. Leslie Lobel explains why some people survive the Ebola virus and why those people are critical to a cure.

BGU Scientists Unlock the Brain’s Secrets

August 14, 2014

Tags: Medical Research

BGU research reveals how the brain functions after trauma and the emotional trauma of missile attacks.

A Trip to One of Israel’s Top Universities

July 16, 2014

Tags: Negev Development & Community Programs, Robotics & High-Tech

Kira Makagon, of Hillsborough, CA, was awed by the innovation and inspiration that she found at BGU.

BGU’s Warrior Against Autism

June 19, 2014

Tags: Medical Research

Dr. Ilan Dinstein is researching how to use biological markers to diagnose autism at a younger age.