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BGU Moves Up the QS World University Rankings

September 17, 2015

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events

This rise in the rankings reflects the progress the University has made in recent years.

From Barren Desert to Top Cyber Center

September 11, 2015

Tags: Negev Development & Community Programs, Robotics & High-Tech

Beer-Sheva is on track to becoming a high-tech and cyber-security powerhouse.

As California Drought Marches On, Israel Marches In

July 27, 2015

Tags: Desert & Water Research

Prof. Eilon Adar encourages California to treat water as a commodity, like oil or gas, as Israel does.

What’s Working: The Fight to Help California’s Drought

June 25, 2015

Tags: Desert & Water Research

Prof. Eilon Adar is interviewed on a HuffPost Live webcast on how California can better use the water it has.

Helping Drought-Stricken California Cope with Crisis

June 23, 2015

Tags: Desert & Water Research

Prof. Eilon Adar says that treating water as a national commodity helps Israel combat its water scarcity.

Israeli Company to Build California Desalination Plant

June 15, 2015

Tags: Desert & Water Research

Prof. Jack Gilron shares with NPR how to maximize the amount of fresh water that can be made from sea water.

Diagnosing Sleep Apnea From Your Own Bed

June 12, 2015

Tags: Medical Research

An at-home diagnostic device developed at BGU may encourage more people to get tested for this sleep disorder.

Finding the Future of Cyber Security in Silicon Wadi

May 20, 2015

Tags: Homeland & Cyber Security

Tech entrepreneur Kira Makagon highlights Israel's cyber security innovations on The Huffington Post.

California Drought: What Would Israel Do?

May 15, 2015

Tags: Desert & Water Research

As California looks to Israel for help, two hydrologists from BGU may be part of the solution.