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Why Ethiopian Jews are Protesting Police Violence in Israel

May 11, 2015

Tags: Business & Management, Social Sciences & Humanities

For the past three years, BGU researchers have been studying how Ethiopian-Israelis perceive the police.

Moments of Resistance In Israel

May 8, 2015

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

Prof. Lev Grinberg discusses in this radio interview how protests have a lasting impact on Israeli politics.

Lionel Hampton Score Donated to BGU

May 3, 2015

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

A jazz suite written for David Ben-Gurion, once considered lost, was donated to the Ben-Gurion Archives.

Nidaa Khoury’s Verses from a Christian Arab Village

March 16, 2015

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

Poet and BGU senior lecturer, Nidaa Khoury, featured on TLV1 Radio's Israel in Translation program.

The Reason ISIL Shortened Its Name

March 12, 2015

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

Prof. Danny Rubinstein says the less specific reflects the organization's worldwide aspirations.

TLV Radio Features BGU Researchers

March 4, 2015

Tags: Desert & Water Research, Social Sciences & Humanities

Listen and learn about the impact of education on Bedouin women and who owns the Israeli media.

BGU Researchers Bloom with Innovation in Baltimore

March 3, 2015

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events, Nanotechnology, Social Sciences & Humanities

Americans for Ben-Gurion University’s recent Mid-Winter Meeting brought BGU researchers' expertise to Baltimore.

BGU Scholar Talks about Heroic Efforts of Unsung 1940s Hero

February 23, 2015

Tags: Israel Studies, Culture & Jewish Thought, Social Sciences & Humanities

Prof. Friling's biography will tell the story of the JDC's Joseph Schwartz, who saved countless Jewish lives.

55,000-Year-Old Skull Fragment Found in Israel

January 30, 2015

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

BGU archaeologist Dr. Ofer Marder is part of the team that made the discovery in a cave in northern Israel.

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