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BGU Develops Easy, Cheap Test to Identify COVID Variants

BGU Develops Easy, Cheap Test to Identify COVID Variants

March 4, 2021

Research News

The Jerusalem Post — BGU has developed a rapid and cost-effective test to identify UK and South African variants of the novel coronavirus, reducing the time needed to determine if an infection is caused by a variant to a matter of hours.

“My lab has been working hard throughout this pandemic to provide early warning and detection tools. Our detection system of corona in wastewater successfully completed a pilot program in 14 cities around Israel,” said , who supervised development of the new method. “We continue to refine our research in service to humankind.”

The method was developed by Dr. Karin Yaniv and Dr. Eden Ozer. Kushmaro and Yaniv are members of BGU’s Environmental Biotechnology Lab and the Avram and Stella Goldstein-Goren Department of Biotechnology Engineering. Ozer is a member of the Department of Life Sciences.

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